Where I`ll Be This Week
Russell Degnan

As I indicated a couple of days ago, it is that time again. Tomorrow, the sixth Melbourne International Animation Festival begins. As usual, it is on at ACMI, down at Federation Square, and you have no excuses for missing it. There will be an excellent mix of techniques, styles, nationalities, genres, and skill sets. However, for those of you who, unlike me, are either not insane enough, or not keen enough, to go to every session I am here to help with what to see.

Because of scheduling conflicts, I will be camping myself in the cosy surrounds of Cinema 1 for the vast majority of the program. If you want to join me, then I'll be happy for the company. Programs I am going to are marked in italics. In a rough order, the highlights for mind will probably be...

International Programs - The international programs are the guts of the festival. They are a mish-mash of films, but if at least a few don't take your fancy then there is no help for you.
1: 20th@6:30pm, 20th@8:30pm
2: 20th@8:15pm, 24th@2:00pm
3: 22nd@6:30pm, 24th@3:30pm
4: 22nd@8:00pm, 25th@2:00pm
5: 23rd@6:30pm, 25th@3:30pm
6: 23rd@8:00pm, 25th@5:00pm
7: 24th@6:00pm, 25th@6:30pm

Student Programs - Last year I was very disappointed not to see the student films, as they are often outstanding, and regularly win awards. This year, there are five -- I recommend program #3 especially -- supplementing the main festival nicely (and the tickets are cheaper too).
1: 21st@6:00pm
2: 22nd@6:00pm
3: 23rd@7:00pm
4: 24th@5:00pm
5: 23rd@6:00pm

Digital Panorama - The session devoted to computer generated films. These can vary in quality, but the best will blow you away. (Also, I will be late to this screening, so if someone is going, save me a seat).

Comic Arts Meets Animation - The one session I really wanted to see but couldn't squeeze in. Great theme though.

Kids Programs - Maybe it is the early morning timeslot, but I always like the kids programs. The tickets are inexpensive, and the films are generally pretty good.
1: 24th@11:00am, 25th@12:00pm
2: 24th@12:30pm, 25th@10:30am

Late Night Bizarre - This promises to be pretty cool. Hopefully so, because it will be the tail end of 12 straight hours of film for me.

NEXUS: Session for the deaf - You might think this an odd choice, but a program of films that work without sound sounds pretty cool.

Best of the Fest - If you can't decide, then this is the easy one to choose. The best-of never matches my expectations, but if you only go to one session, then this is the one.
25th@8:00pm, 25th@10:00pm

There is much more on the website. Most of the other sessions are retrospectives of some description. The two themes are Korean animation and Abstract animation this year. But there is also an Estonian session if you want to completely do your head in, Australian films, and if you haven't seen it: Fritz the Cat on Freaky Friday.

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