Animation Reality
Russell Degnan

Behind a white framed window, the sky is blue, clear, fresh.
The latch on the window clicks as it releases the creaking window.
The shadow of a bird, fleeing the noise drifts across the room as it flutters away.
Air, carried on light floods the room.

Silence, a few birds in the garden.
In the background a shower runs.
Stairs, a tiled front room.
The shutting of a bright red door and its rattling mail slot.

The morning is bright white.
The towers of the city loom at the end of a straight street.
Measured footsteps.
The speckled shadows of deciduous trees pass by, then fade.

Glass doors open. Escalators go up.
Tickets stubbed.
The dark.

The illuminated crests of other heads poke above the seats.
Food and water is placed beneath the seat.
The horizontal lights dim, the heads disappear, the screen appears.

Blurry images, ten, twenty, a hundred.
Blurry sounds, music, yelling.
Blurry thoughts, a glass breaks, a fish, a line.
The dark.

A single clap. Aborted.
A rustle of paper.
2006 appears. I clap. Applause follows.

Glass doors open.
Outside, it is dark. Silent.
The towers of the city loom high.

Measured footsteps. Louder than before.
A row of red fence posts, identical, but for one; broken.
A small puddle shimmers and reflects a single star.
Water runs down the gutter, then a drain.

Car headlights appoach from a side-street.
An image appears. A head bouncing off a wind-screen, glass cracking.
The light and sound of the car changes as it goes past.

A dull red door. A key in a lock.
It opens.
Fade out.

Passing Fancy 26th June, 2006 20:17:45   [#] 


Russ' animation
So this is your script for your first animation?! Terrific. Now you just need a crew to do all the yakka.
BridgeGirl  27th June, 2006 09:25:16  

Animation Reality
I didn't think you liked poetry. From the sounds of this you really should.
Erica  27th June, 2006 23:13:39  

Russ, are you sure that chocolate's doing you good?

Seriously, not at all a bad effort. A little light on the metaphor, perhaps; it possibly needs fridges.
Rob M  28th June, 2006 00:02:19  

Animation Reality
Rob, chocolate is always good. 40 hours of animation in 6 days is not necessarily good (21 hours in 2 is definitely not). Which is kind of the point. It wasn't really meant to be either poetry or a script.

Mostly, it is a day in the life. Because animation is generally stripped down to only the relevant sounds and images, it tends to heighten your awareness of particular sounds and images. And I am on holiday, so I can't be bothered writing something intelligent.
Russ  28th June, 2006 02:52:02