Khancoban - Khancoban
Russell Degnan

It was luck that led me to see Khancoban. The band that is. Though I have a lovely photo of the road leading into the town from the trip to Canberra last year. Not that I saw much, of either. The town is small, and I spent most of their set (running support for Sodastream) chatting where I couldn't see them. But what I did hear was very good, and I was easily persuaded, or perhaps not unpersuaded, to buy their, ah, CD.

I hesitate to call this an album, do they not have more tracks than seven? Yet it is too long for an EP at almost 30 minutes. Perhaps though, the real surprise is how much they get onto it. Khancoban start like Augie march and finish like Sigur Ros, with a stop in the middle to play a little country music. That's a bit like the town too.

It's a great sound they have going, the country satisfies my fix for dodgy pop, and the diversity of instruments from the six players [1] makes for some interesting and compelling songs. Not the best album you'll get this year, but not the worst either. Unless you only get one album, in which case it will be both.

[1] Just five members though, cellists get no respect.

Track Highlights
These Lines Can Be Traced - Great opening: long keyboard sound, drums, bass-line, guitar. Very moody.
Smoke and the Light - Nice acoustic number. Very Augie March, but with a couple of interesting changes.
Little Lights, Little Rows - Love the piano in this song. Essentially that, a bass-line and a snare drum, but works beautifully.
Take Me Where I Might Want To Go - And a song heavy with strings, leading into the untitled experimental closing track. Both nice and moody.

Finer Things 16th July, 2006 20:07:50   [#] 


My Sodastream CD only has 7 tracks (and track 7 is the best). It has a cardboard cover in pastel blue. I like short CDs - my Augie March single has 5 tracks and I love 1, 3 and 5.
BridgeGirl  17th July, 2006 16:27:20