In which, Burgher Russ, lyricises, with great care, yet no style
Russell Degnan

After a little early confusion over whether their party was merely visiting or looting, pillaging and in the case of the brothers Sterne's prize-winning lawn, scuffing, Burgher Russ and his companions had a very congenial stay at the castle. Jon Sterne was easily placated by their mulled wine and VIRtual GIN. In his typically congenial manner, while drunk, he promised to accompany them on the next part of their journey to visit the enigmatic Timothy Train.

Fearing that Jon's next suggestion may be some virtual karaoke, and knowing the consequences of that kind of indiscretion, Burgher Russ made his apologies and led their ever expanding party out onto the open road again.

And quite a journey it was too.

TimT was rarely in the same place. He is as likely preaching politics from the town square, as poetry from the nearest tree. Sometimes securing his supper from bemused passers-by, sometimes weaving his words in exchange for a book or two to satisfy his insatiable hunger for literary crack.

Like an atomic particle, noone could ever say where TimT was, or if they could, where he was going. Yet one could easily trace his passage by following the trail of books in his wake.

Scouring the landscape, the party found a well thumbed copy of Ovid's Metamorphoses by a lake. And from there picking up the trail: a partially burnt copy of Ulysses in a road-side ditch; a copy of Alice in Wonderland in a public house; an annotated copy of the screenplay to Springtime for Hitler; a conveniently, and somewhat suspiciously, placed copy of Wealth of Nations next to a Student Union building; and finally, intently studying the poetry on the wall of a railway siding, Timothy Train himself.

Tim gave an grin and raised an exaggerated eyebrow at the sudden intrusion of so many people on his reverie. Burgher Russell de Hotham Esq. tipped his cap and nodded in response...

A Burgher in Absentia 20th July, 2006 12:43:22   [#] 


In which, Burgher Russ, lyricises, with great care, yet no style
Same as last week, in character comments and suggestions for next week over at Tim's place, violent denunciations here.
Russ  20th July, 2006 17:12:14  

Literary crack?
I don't know about you, but 'literary crack' sounds like a description of an Irvine Welsh novel. Or possibly 'The Story of O'.

Not sure if I could quite meet expectations in either case ...
TimT  20th July, 2006 19:07:39  

literary craic?
Oh, I have ever faith in you Tim... though I really just meant that you read a lot.
Russ  21st July, 2006 15:16:31