Monday Melbourne: CXXXII, July 2006
Russell Degnan

Exhibition Building, early morning. Taken June 2006

Melbourne Town 24th July, 2006 22:35:36   [#] 


Charming warmth
There is a charming sense of warmth in the colours of this photo. Very nice.
BridgeGirl  25th July, 2006 15:19:14  

There goes my attempt at doing impressionistic photography... it was about 2 degrees that morning.
Russ  25th July, 2006 20:11:34  

nice to see flowing water
Russ, it's great to see a recent photo of this fountain with water actually flowing. impressionistic photography... almost, but not bad for 2 degrees.
lisa b  9th August, 2006 23:54:00