In which Burgher Russ gets all political and stuff
Russell Degnan

It was a sore-throated company that woke and readied to leave the next morning. Burgher Russ in particular, having been conned (again) into donning a major general's costume at some point during the verse and song [1] that accompanied their visit to TimT's humble lodgings.

Upon setting off to visit Armaniac it almost immediately began to rain; the road quickly turning muddy, clogging their boots, and making even the smallest progress forward difficult.

Oddly though, on the hill above them the sun shone brightly, the gentle soft grass giving way to a little village. A somewhat familiar village. The village of Burgher Russell de Hotham Esq.

"Is that not your house, Russ?", Erica Starling asked, "and does that not mean we are walking in circles?"

"Yes it is, and yes we are." he replied, "'tis hardly my fault our acquaintances all know each other. I have high hopes we shall soon leave my own circle for other places yet unseen. Though I don't mind."

"Well I mind, my red shoes are getting muddy. Where did all this mud come from anyway? There was hardly any at the other places we've been."

"Mostly from other people. Armaniac likes to talk about things the rest of us try and avoid. See the sign?", he said pointing at the post on which, in bold letters, was written Godwin's Law:

As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.

"Are you sure we want to visit here? It might be unpleasant", Erica asked.

"Oh no, Armaniac is great value.", Burgher Russ replied. "See! Here we are". And there they were, outside a well kept little house, with a front porch that exhibited signs of extensive scrubbing. "Everyone remember to wipe your feet too, Armaniac has already had a couple of houses swallowed by the mud. It is best not to bring more inside."

Armaniac knew they were coming, but he knew not what for, Burgher Russ poked his head in to say hello...

...and was promptly moved to a more, indeed very, hospitable location...

[1] Hey, read the song, it took forever to find a rhyme for "procrastinate"

A Burgher in Absentia 28th July, 2006 01:37:45   [#] 


In which Burgher Russ gets all political and stuff
Figure-of-eight ....(etc, etc).

Hey, you should publish the poem here.
TimT  28th July, 2006 12:23:46  

Despite reservations about their bona fides, I have belatedly discovered the roving band of minstrels, bards and village idiots and offer my hearth, replete with decantered Jerez....
Monsieur de Armagnac  28th July, 2006 12:59:37