Monday Melbourne: CXXXIII, July 2006
Russell Degnan

Almost sunrise, the Exhibition Building and the Museum, early morning. Taken June 2006

Melbourne Town 31st July, 2006 11:36:41   [#] 


an early rise ?
... or just a big night out Russ ?
Chris  31st July, 2006 11:48:40  

an early rise?...
Normally one would be guessing the latter... but I had got accustomed enough to waking up early during the World Cup to do a 5:30am photo session. It was cold, but some of the photos came out alright.
Russ  31st July, 2006 11:56:45  

a lovely relationship of new and old
russ, nice shot. I like the contrast of new and old. The photo enables both structures to feel as though they should be there, happily sharing space. I like it. Nice.
lisa b  9th August, 2006 23:52:08