Culling that which refuses to shrink
Russell Degnan

I have come to the conclusion that my blog-roll being somewhat outdated, and not at all reciprocal needed, at the least, some sort of cleaning, if not a complete re-organisation. I achieved none of the above, but I did remove a few blogs that have either become completely terminal, or that I have stopped reading, while leaving a few that I still have hopes for. The assorted links below are worth a read (if they exist), for their archives if nothing else, and I like to record them in case I need to retrieve them.

Banyule Bloggers
It's So Obvious / It's Here It's There
Major Anya
Tug Boat Potemkin
A Fifth of Therapy
The Wildman of Wivenhoe
Vital Stats
Intersecting Lines
Michael Jennings
The Becker-Posner Blog
Chocolate and Gold Coins
Unoriginal Prankster
William Burroughs' Baboon

Also, I have added a few others. There are a few more to add later. Feel free to comment with righteous indignation if you think one of them is you.

Passing Fancy 29th August, 2006 21:35:01   [#]