In which Burgher Russ's companions go seeking some adventure
Russell Degnan

Having now cast themselves far from home, the burdens of leadership began to tell on Burgher Russell de Hotham Esq., hair turning a slightly greyer shade of grey-brown, his eyes a slightly greyer shade of grey-green. In order to ease his worries, the morning of their departure from Adam's Abode in the wilds of Nowhere he took a few of his more exuberantly martial companions aside to talk.

"Gentleman", he began, "I think we must tread more carefully. Our welcomes to date have been kind, but the internet is made up of more than tea-drinking alcoholics. Some of us", he added, looking at the Merkel the Tautologically Angry Barbarian, "may want to display our weapons and our anger a little more subtly, while others..."

He stopped, looking puzzled.

"Where is Enny?"

"She and the girls walked off", offered Merkel. "Something about not having to suffer through tedious speeches from some up himself leader with tickets on himself. Or maybe they were going to freshen up. I forget which".

Burgher Russ glowered and scowled.

"I guess", he then said, "that we should follow".

The remaining company were readying themselves to do just that when Madame Hooch of the Heath arrived, breathless and panting.

"We are already there", said she. "But although we are welcome, they are not very welcoming", she added, before tarrying off again.

"Oh Bother" thought Burgher Russ, and hurried after her, running into a deep, dark forest, strangely carved trees seemingly jumping out at every turn along the long and cluttered path; wet leaves hitting their faces, and sticks, or maybe bones protuding, and threatening to trip them up. Luckily, the way was marked by such a profusion of objectionable content flags that there was no fear of being lost. And so, it was at an unsafe, near gallop, that the nerdish knightly errants, blundered upon their next destination, and their fellow companions.

There was no fighting to be had, but you could cut the confusion with a knife. It was in this atmosphere that Burgher Russ introduced himself...

A Burgher in Absentia 31st August, 2006 20:59:32   [#] 


new destination
Hooch  4th September, 2006 12:37:07  

Moving on.
Sounds like a plan. Moving can wait till Wednesday though, methinks.

Russ  4th September, 2006 21:23:04  

Enny's here!
'sure am!
Enny  7th September, 2006 23:16:43