Monday Melbourne: CXXXIX, September 2006
Russell Degnan

September. And in the absence of football, a walk in the park. Taken January 2004

Melbourne Town 11th September, 2006 15:27:56   [#] 


Monday Melbourne: CXXXIX, September 2006
I forget the name of this sculpture but every afternoon the council removes the ball and replaces it the following morning. It was being stolen regularly.
Andrew  11th September, 2006 21:36:42  

Nice, Russ
Bright light, Bright light...just the way I like my photos :)
Rob M  12th September, 2006 00:11:50  

Monday Melbourne: CXXXIX, September 2006
thanks Andrew, you are a wealth of information.

Rob, it is hard to avoid bright light at about 3pm in January... notice I am under a tree to take it though... expect a return to form next week. I'd also like to note my hat-tip to 14thC Flemish art in the framing and depth.
Russ  14th September, 2006 00:06:21