In which Burgher Russ skips the country
Russell Degnan

The 2H pencil tip-tapped against the notepad, marking out the beat to a song that would only be played once. Burgher Russ sat beneath a tree in the gardens of Delightful Jen, pausing occasionally to scribble a note, or to look out pensively with the pencil between his lips.

"Such a delightful place", he thought, "so easy to forget one's cares, ones... oh bugger!"

Scrambling, there was not much sign of anyone when he returned to the garden, but footprints led off down the hill, to a lake, where there was moared several delightful boats, just ripe for the taking, if one had criminal tendencies, such as are often gained in small country towns.

Of course, since noone would expect the esteemed Burgher Russell de Hotham Esq. of stealing a boat, noone would come looking for it, and he contented himself with that thought, as his long strokes brought him ever closer to the rocky outcrop of an approaching island, shaded by mist.

Landing, and pulling the boat up the shore to tie to a nearby cherry tree, Burgher Russ contemplated his next move when he heard three Parps!, each more disconsolate than the last, and the last, particularly put out at that.

Burgher Russ brightened at the sound, it having come from the heraldic tooter of Madame Hooch of the Heath herself. Luck always followed the Burgher; it was one of his foremost qualities, and as it happened, said luck had found him again, leading Burgher Russ right to Lulu.

Lulu sat recuperating, having been terribly sick the week Burgher Russ was too busy chewing on a pencil to pay attention to his leadership duties. A good thing, you might say, or not a coincidence, given how many of their visits coincided with illness. Luckily for the various members of their party, rowboats don't go through customs.

They just need to create their own...

A Burgher in Absentia 22nd September, 2006 01:02:02   [#] 


crazy kids...
Thanks for the hair advice. I have not yet decided which way to go but will let everyone in blog world know at a later date.

What exactley is it you are after from me? Weird food?
Lulu  26th September, 2006 15:36:35  

hmm...Lulu seems a little confused
Hooch  26th September, 2006 17:13:57  

Where to next?
gaijin girl strikes again? sushizume? japan window? mixi Whaddaya reckon?
Hooch  2nd October, 2006 17:59:45