Beams - The Presets
Russell Degnan

I might be too busy to blog, but I certaily not too busy to listen to music, while I slave away procrastinating over my reading. But I won't recommend The Presets for reading to. Syncopated beats, and sparse musical arrangements make it hard to concentrate. It also makes it a hard album to get into at first, having lots of rythym but few hooks (Alex is right).

It is an excellent album though, fully deserving of the praise that has been heaped upon it, and upon which I am throwing my two cents. Being a huge fan of 80s pop, I'm sucked in by the melodic synths and drums of their radio-friendly songs, but there is much to admire, and only a few songs dont bear repeated listening.

Track Highlights
Steamworks - The driving rythmic opening track.
Girl and the Sea - Synths, and a smooth vocal, reminiscent of New Order in the bass work, and culiminating in an gorgeous chorus.
Kitty in the Middle - Funky french-style syncopated beats and noises worked together well.
Hill Stuck - An odd instrumental, bringing to mind visions of a denuded urban landscape through a car window as the horns play.
Beams - Cute, drifting last track, very like Air with its strings and horn work.

Finer Things 2nd October, 2006 12:09:18   [#]