Monday Melbourne: CXLVII, January 2007
Russell Degnan

The Princess Theatre, looking decidedly Shanghai. Taken December 2006

Melbourne Town 2nd January, 2007 00:25:31   [#] 


Monday Melbourne: CXLVII, January 2006
Looks very smoky - I had been wanting to try to capture some images of the city covered in its recent haze, but unfortunately have no talent for such things... ;-P (I keep meaning to put up a post at the blog showing off some of the many pictures I've managed to ruin at my field site... ;-P)
N. Pepperell  2nd January, 2007 07:42:54  

Monday Melbourne: CXLVII, January 2006
Very smoky, although I like the way the haze gives depth - an old trick of renaissance painting. This one lacks a proper foreground, but I have some better ones that will come out later in the month.

Success with pictures from field sites has eluded me as well. The need to show something practical seems to ruin my aesthetic schtick. Not that I do much field work.
Russ  5th January, 2007 16:08:50  

Monday Melbourne: CXLVII, January 2006
Just between the two of us, I don't do much fieldwork either. *shhhhh!*
N. Pepperell  5th January, 2007 16:12:37