Monday Melbourne: CXLVIII, January 2007
Russell Degnan

Little Collins Street, and the slightly strange Council Offices. Taken December 2006

Melbourne Town 12th January, 2007 02:32:46   [#] 


Council buildings
I walk past the council building everyday and I think they are really cool. I love the brown wood shades jutting out from each window. I don't quite understand the long plastic tube on the outside - I thought it was part of the construction (for builders to chuck waste over the edge without hitting people).

Also it was such a relief to finally see it after so long being covered in scaffolding.
BridgeGirl  12th January, 2007 08:55:07  

I like passing council house two and watching the timber change directions according to the weather.
Andrew  12th January, 2007 21:13:46  

And now you can find out the rest of the story...
For an explanation of what the tubes are all about, and more generally about Council House 2 try here.

And no, Russ, this isn't menat to be a blatant promo of our magazine!
Pearcey  16th January, 2007 12:45:05  

Monday Melbourne: CXLVIII, January 2006
Sure, sure, spammer.

I like the idea of green buildings, but I wonder if CH2 is going a tad far with the idea. It isn't exactly an aesthetic masterpiece, for all the funky engineering/design.
Russ  16th January, 2007 22:22:28  

40 Albert Road
40 Albert Road is the other 6 Green Star building about - it (in my view) is a nicer looking building than CH2.
Pearcey  17th January, 2007 16:55:52  

40 Albert Road
Very much so, but notice its a retrofit, which, like 60L, helps keep it looking like a bad copy of the Pompidou Center.
Russ  18th January, 2007 22:37:59