Monday Melbourne: CL, March 2007
Russell Degnan

The functionally elegant, if rundown Footscray Town Hall. Taken February 2007

Melbourne Town 20th March, 2007 09:46:48   [#] 


Ramblings from Alex
Well, well, well, Russ. Don't think I didn't come and check your blog the other week and notice that you hadn't updated in a couple of months. Don't think that a flurry of entries can distract me! (That's more my style.) Anyway, I'm glad to see that you've resuscitated Knotted Paths. Between the shut-down at Sterne, Ben cut-and-pasting group emails verbatim as "posts", and my own hideously shameful neglect of Quasi Boho, it was looking as though the members of the "Cool Table" would have to renounce their title. So, I'm very pleased that you're still waving our banner.

Nice piccies, as per usual, m'dear. And I read with interest your ideas for PT (and agree, as per usual). Your cricket posts, on the other hand, I skipped, as per usual. Even you can't make it interesting, I'm afraid.

Hopefully see you soon, compadre!
Alex  20th March, 2007 11:55:12  

Re: Ramblings from Alex
Like you Alex, I thrive on procrastination. That and I was playing cricket (badly) so my time was a little constrained, what with that and my outrageously busy social life. I'll keep blogging for a while though. I am not sure I've found my niche yet... it's only been almost four years.

Oh, and thanks, though I must ask: if you didn't read the cricket piece how do you know it was boring? It was, mind, but still.

Yes, soon.
Russ  21st March, 2007 00:44:35  

I miss it
Damn that stupid building to hell in all its prettyness... I should have shown you around inside when I was still working there.
Len   17th April, 2007 01:02:58  

Monday Melbourne: CL, March 2007
Flashy temperature controlled corporate offices not doing it for you Len?
Russ  20th April, 2007 22:16:03