Monday Melbourne: CLI, April 2007
Russell Degnan

Slowly, the Eureka Tower - crap name and all - becomes part of the skyline consciousness. Taken February 2007

Melbourne Town 20th April, 2007 22:15:10   [#] 


All over the city and inner burbs you get glimpses of it, like you do in Sydney of the bridge or the Opera House. I like it a lot and can't wait for the observation deck to open.
Andrew  21st April, 2007 01:24:56  

I must sat that it has not grown on me. I am glad that I can not see it from North Melbourne. It spoils the Botanic Gardens as you can see it from almost every vantage point there.

Less high-rises please.

More free-spirited buildings.
BridgeGirl  22nd April, 2007 20:40:25  

Monday Melbourne: CLI, April 2007
I find your idea of 'spoil' odd BG. I like having the gardens framed by buildings. It gives me that sense of escape - an eden amongst all the urbanism. Sydney's botanic gardens and Central Park are exemplars for this of course.

Also, 'free-spirited' buildings?
Russ  28th April, 2007 21:56:44