A few drops at l(e)ast.
Russell Degnan

It has been more than a little annoying that while, to date, Melbourne has relished in reminding us how cold and wet she can be, little of the rain has fallen on our depleted water catchments.

Strictly speaking, Melbourne is still receiving less than average rainfall each month. Nevertheless, the drought appears to be breaking, and finally, a bit is falling where it ought. Following last week's good rain, the Thomson Dam, has received nearly another 100mm today, including over 300 (albeit highly suspect) millimetres up on Baw Baw.

Even so, by my reckoning - 48,700 hectare catchment, 50% yield, average catchment rain of ~100mm - that's the best part of 25,000ML. Enough to push the catchments over 30% again.

Not that this, in any way, reflects on the need, or otherwise, for a desalination plant. It is merely a bit of good news on a gloomy day.

Sterner Matters 27th June, 2007 18:52:52   [#]