Monday Melbourne: CLXXV, June 2009
Russell Degnan

Kensington. Taken May 2009

Melbourne Town 4th June, 2009 11:57:23   [#] 


is that Smith St leading to Mulgrave St.
a very funky area.
We used to called my friend's house 'K.P' for Kensington Palace.
F.G. Marshall-Stacks  4th June, 2009 22:05:09  

Monday Melbourne: CLXXV, June 2009
Close. It was taken from the Bellair St. playground, looking over Eastwood St. South of Macaulay Rd.

It is a good area though. Bit too popular, actually, all the rental properties are over-priced dumps.
Russ  6th June, 2009 02:01:17