"Sport only" link
Russell Degnan

For the benefit of those readers only interested in the sporting (mostly cricket) aspects of this site, I have created a new URL (and associated RSS feed) that links directly to that part of the site:


This may or may not be useful when (if) I start writing other things.

Those of you interested in everything BUT cricket, sorry, that's a much harder problem.

Idle Summers 29th April, 2010 00:16:31   [#] 


"Sport only" link
Great stuff. Enjoyed my first visit here thoroughly. Bookmarked - and will return.

All the best.
Sfx  13th May, 2010 17:24:12  

"Sport only" link
thanks Sfx. Hopefully I can draw some more extended comments out of you as well.
Russ  17th May, 2010 18:02:40