In which Burgher Russ wakes up adrift
Russell Degnan

Adrift and alone.

Having procured a boat for their previous trip it had seemed a straight-forward thing to continue their sea-bound explorations from destination to destination. Thus, it was on board a vessel, that Burgher Russ was fatefully separated from his companions, as a storm ripped apart their small craft, leaving him stranded on flimsy remnant of a tiny boat, albeit a remnant stacked with several year's worth of provisions. Burgher Russ may have been a daft and uninspired leader, but he was a remarkably organised one.

For a time, he marked the passage of days on what remained of vessel, but stopped when it began to compromise the structural integrity and flotation capacities of his craft. After that, he just drifted...

...and drifted...

...and drifted...

...until, one evening, he drifted into a beach.

Having awoken on solid land for the first time in years Burgher Russ did what any of us would do: fell over, relieved himself, gathered some supplies (organised, remember) then walked along the beach. Whereon, he found a hut.

Close inspection made it unclear if the hut had been abandoned, or never actually lived in; a diary, if four post-it-notes with the date scribbled on them can be classified as a diary, seemed to indicate the hut had been built on a whim, to satisfy some urge to fit with the crowd, then as quickly abandoned to its own pointlessness.

All this was of no matter to the Burgher however; what he wanted, was to return home, to his own equally abandoned abode, his own pointless pastimes and infrequent musings. But to get home, would require him to know where he was. Alone, disinclined to speak to the inhabitants even were there any, and somewhat over the whole boating thing, he resolved follow what paths were available in what had become, unfortunately a more difficult quest than he'd imagined.

But one path led away from the hut, to another, slightly inland from the beach, that of the apparently amorous Daniel. Faced with no other option, that is where Burgher Russ went...

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