In which Burgher Russ finds the remains of teenage angst
Russell Degnan

Burgher Russ paused on the path, looking back at the small network of abandoned shacks that led back from the beach towards the forest. The lack of recent activity made him wonder just how far he might have to travel to make his way home. Was most of his world nothing but a desolate wasteland?

His spirits lifted a little as he moved towards the home of firekitty. Whereas the abandoned settlement consisted mostly of simple tin shacks, erected for a moment's amusement, this home had been lived in for a long time.

Each of its walls were marked with expressive drawings of the occupant's life, or at least, their life during occupancy. For this was a distinctly teenage world, filled with angst, uncertainty, stress and a lack of control over their destiny. Unlike the previous places Burgher Russ had found himself, this one was a window onto a whole life, albeit a small window, encapsulating only the last few years of a teenage world, with a few brief returns, seemingly only to enter a mind-set that was untenable to carry from day to day.

For Burgher Russ though, those last few splashes of paint on the wall were a comfort. The prospect of finding his home again, on foot in such an alien environment was daunting, thus, his first strategy had to be to firstly find his own time, whereby he might reasonably hope to come across a place he'd travelled long before, or better, an old friend.

For the moment though, any sort of place was better than this one, which only made him uncomfortable: he chose the first path out of there and continued his futile quest...

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