Monday Melbourne: CCXXXII, June 2011
Russell Degnan

Melbourne mist. Taken June 2011

Melbourne Town 28th June, 2011 13:47:27   [#] 


Monday Melbourne: CCXXXII, June 2011
I assume that was taken early this week past. It was a weird weather day. The fog just came and went. At one time I could see the edge of it, clear to left and fog to the right with a hard edge. At another point, high above the ground it was clear, yet at ground level, it was thick fog.
Andrew  2nd July, 2011 21:49:19  

Monday Melbourne: CCXXXII, June 2011
Andrew, yes, last week. I wasn't sure if it was unusual because I've generally walked north. I figured it was a river-fog thing. I got a couple of good shots on my walk in to work that morning. The fog brought out these amazing contrasts of dissolved light, sunlight and shadow.
Russ  4th July, 2011 13:36:38