In which Burgher Russ misses meeting the occupant
Russell Degnan


Burgher Russ left the small house and moved on. Checking each residence on he path. Each time finding nothing but dust and neglect. Most even, showed nothing more than the passing of a single traveller; only one showed signs that someone, occasionally, was in residence.

And that too was empty.

"Perhaps", thought Burgher Russ, "they are all travellers, like himself". He thought back to his own house, and imagined its solid walls and carefully tended paths. Surely it too was in disrepair?

"But if they are travellers, where have they travelled to?"

He returned frequently to Lady Madrid's abode, the only one showing recent activity, looking for clues as to where he might find the former resident, hunting and finding nothing. He lingered on this longer than he needed, then began fanning out, spending days searching through every house in the area.

A search for any sign of life and a search for any sign of escape. Everywhere he went led back to the small community known as Xanga. Everywhere he went got him no closer to home. He began to despair, pondering whether he ought to return to the beach, and his raft, when he noticed something.

Lady Madrid's house was occupied. Or rather, at some point while he'd been searching, Lady Madrid had returned. At least, she had been there. The ouse remained abandoned, the paths in disrepair. Whoever she was, this place was clearly not her home, but rather the cave of a hermit, for reflection and meditation, and little else.

Burgher Russ was not one to disturb someone's reverie, nor was there any point waiting. His searching had found a way out. Concealed behind trees undisturbed for years was an another unpromising personal residence...

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