In which Burgher Russ changes strategy
Russell Degnan

There was nothing particularly "there" to suggest here was a place of anything more than another abandoned hut; a few scraps of an unremarkable life, dated back to every other unremarkable place the Burgher had travelled through; quotes, perhaps funny, in the right context, framed against an unremarkable wall. And yet it was here, that Burgher Russ found what he needed. A way out. Amongst the morass of unused paths emanating from the unremarkable empty dwelling that he'd stumbled his way to, were many other empty dwellings.

Burgher Russ would normally have stomped off to the first of those, confident that in the absence of evidence otherwise, random depth first searching was as optimal a strategy as any other. The evidence of the previous few attempts was beginning to sap his confidence in random searching however. The Isle of Xanga might have once housed a flourishing community, but it was now a deserted snapshot of a time past that the Burgher was doomed to roam forever unless he could find a way out.

This unremarkable spot offered sufficient options to try an alternative; systematically, he headed out and back, marking each path in turn. Scraps of letters revealed some bad poetry, depression, exhilaration, boredom, and many letters of farewell; but only one something else, something rather more helpful....

A Burgher in Absentia 26th February, 2012 23:54:24   [#]