Associate Cricket: WCL5 Review
Russell Degnan

Perhaps the least interesting World Cricket League tournament of recent times, which is not to say it wasn't close. Malaysia's unexpected loss to Bahrain in the final group game meant Guernsey lost out on promotion by only the 4 runs they lost to Malaysia. The two South-East Asian sides were deservingly promoted, particularly Singapore who lost to their neighbour in the group stage but dominated their other games and will fancy their chances of progressing to WCL3. In the opposite direction, Bahrain made a late charge in their final game but couldn't overtake the Cayman Islands on net run-rate. They might have been unlucky in losing on D/L to the Cayman Islands, but their consistent collapses haunted them throughout, and this was an oddly two-speed tournament.

At the bottom of that second group, Argentina continue to free-fall through the leagues. A nation with a long cricket history and big potential, their development programs, as with many of the American sides, aren't keeping them competitive with their nearest competitors; the weakness both financially and logistically of their local test side probably doesn't help, nor the constant problems emanating from the United States. I remarked on twitter that the T20 ratings for American sides look too high; hopefully the qualifiers won't bear that out, because the entire region is slipping down the WCL ladder.

Idle Summers 26th February, 2012 23:54:48   [#]