The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of South Melbourne; The Water Rat
Russell Degnan

256 Moray Street, South Melbourne
(Corner Park & Moray Street)

Seems odd now that I think about it, but in two years living in South Melbourne I've yet to visit more than the bare minimum of pubs in the local vicinity. Time being somewhat in long supply, and Tuesday's now being somewhat free; it seems opportune to revisit an old series, and make the trek around the southern locale.

I started at the The Water Rat, mostly because I've already been there, and knew that Tuesday offered one of its most under-rated delights: a very cheap Steak night. $12 gets a 200g steak and healthy serving of fries with a choice of sauces. The mushroom sauce was merely okay; the addition of greens helped an otherwise rather sad pile of mushrooms, but I can't fault the steak, and that's rather the point here.

The Water Rat classy darkly lit decor - it tends to look closed on first inspection - matches well with its selection of exotic beers, quiet patronage and classy exterior, but contradicts its well priced bar menu. Couches - an under-rated pub feature - and booths offer a very comfortable alternative to the tables, high and low, if you get in early before the guys working their start-up on the free wifi get there. This is a good pub, one I should spend more time in.

Addendum (Dec 3rd): The red wine sauce is vastly superior.

The Short: For quiet dining and reading.

Next Week: Honey (Corner Park and Clarendon Street)

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