The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of South Melbourne; The Rising Sun Hotel
Russell Degnan

2 Raglan Street, South Melbourne
(Corner Raglan Street & Eastern Road)

The most local of all the pubs that share that distinction; The Rising Sun Hotel lacks the comforts other pubs provide. The front bar is an extensive open-plan bistro with room for a full big band on Tuesday nights, and poker and trivia on others. It lacks both character and comfort, though the food makes up for it if your aim is merely a meal. By contrast, the rear bar is small and cozey, with a couple of tvs with the sport on, high chairs and bar tables. The walls throughout are adorned with South Melbourne sporting stars of the old cricket and football clubs, now moved to Casey and Sydney respectively. Match days in football season bring out local fans, sporting scarves, and there is a solid group of bar-flies if one is looking for a chat.

If you aren't inclined to cook the bar meals are a very attractive option. Most are $15 or less, and don't tend towards the giganticism that afflicts many pubs, mistaking quantity for quality. They can be a little light on the salad - ie. many have none - though if asked, I'd imagine chips could be substituted out. I plumped for the rissoles - a touch dry - and mash - perfect- with vegies. It was overall, a solid, but not spectacular dish, in keeping with the surroundings. As usual when I eat there, I wonder why I cook at home like a sucker instead of walking 20 metres. Consider that an endorsement.

The Short: For swans fans, jazz fans, and regulars

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