The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of Fitzroy; The Baden Powell Hotel
Russell Degnan

61 Victoria Parade, Collingwood
(Corner Victoria Parade & Cambridge Street)

Naming a pub after the founder of an organisation committed to teetotalism might seem an odd choice of name, and the corner of a major arterial a sub-optimal choice of location, but The Baden Powell Hotel is a fine establishment. It has two beer gardens, the larger of which is accessed via the quieter Cambridge street, a large open dining area and 3/4 horse-show bar. The decor is new, but not modern and the walls of the front bar retain the photos of cricketers, cricket grounds and scouting memorabilia redolent of the name and location. The tap beers are many and crafty, and the meal offerings - pizza night, steak night, Saturday sangas - suggest a haven for hipsters and relaxed evenings rather than booze-ups.

Nothing wrong with that, nor with the food. We went on steak night, at $14, which came with a somewhat boring rocket salad and rich egg-based sauce that was by far the highlight. Other meals are less cheap - hipsters, remember - and the drinks aren't either - although the freshly squeezed juice is very good. Well worth a look in on the right day, right company, and the right specials.

The Short: For fixie riding East Melbourne residents and relaxed sunny weekends or evenings

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