The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of South Melbourne; The Palmerston Hotel
Russell Degnan

51 Palmerston Crescent, South Melbourne
(Corner Palmerston Crescent & King Way)

Not a pub which screams class; the adjacent highway, TAB in the front bar, concrete garden and cramped dining area has kept me away from The Palmerston for years, despite the presence of a few ridiculously well priced meals and the unverified #1 Parma sign. The staff are friendly though, and the drinks, while typically bland, are not over-priced.

There are some cheap meals to be had here: the pie of the day, eggplant parma (always a lottery so you'll have to try it and find out) and roast are all good value. But any pub claiming to have the best parma tends to sway me, though I took the bolognese option on recommendation, with the mash and vegies options. The vegies weren't anything special, but the mash was copious and tasty. Putting the parma on top of the mash left it slightly soggy and as such I can't vouch for the crumb; the chicken was fat and succulent though, not too cheesy, and the bolognese worked, as well as providing some sauce for the surrounds.

The TAB and low-cost meals means the Palmerston is generally a noisy affair. Not the sort of pub I have reason to frequent, but serving plenty of people who do.

The Short: For gamblers, tradies and seekers of cheap and filling meals

Next Week: The British Crown (Corner Smith and Mason Street)

Melbourne Town 30th November, 2013 23:58:05   [#] 


The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of South Melbourne; The Palmerston Hotel
Our local for evenings when the home chef will not cook. Its standard has been variable over the decade or so we have lived nearby. There was a website, supa parma, or something like that and the 'Palmy' was the winner of a fairly large online vote. I don't eat parma, so I don't know.
Andrew  1st December, 2013 07:03:59  

The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of South Melbourne; The Palmerston Hotel
Hi Andrew, so glad to see you are still reading. My cynicism is mostly because I've eaten in at least three pubs with that distinction. None of them have had bad parmas mind you.
Russ  2nd December, 2013 21:04:46