The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of South Melbourne; Bells Hotel
Russell Degnan

157 Moray Street, South Melbourne
(Corner Moray and Coventry Street)

The exterior of the Bells Hotel doesn't raise expectations; the modern night-clubesque signage, the TAB, and the paltry outoor tables bring to mind suburban monsters designed to load up the patrons with alcohol and lighten their wallets. It is a better pub than that though. The TAB is out the side, and while the interior is modern, it retains some of it's heritage spatial structure that allows you to find a quieter space, or to watch various sports events in the outdoor areas; though, at least ona Friday, most of the patrons are out for a night. There is plenty of room for functions too; as we discovered wandering in there just prior to Christmas with parties tucked into various corners.

The food is respectable, traditional pub food at a good price. I chose the fish and chips, which had a thick and crispy beer batter, decent chips and average salad. There are specials every weekday, making this a good low cost option for locals; fans of Mexican beer, James Squire and cider are particularly well catered for. You can read into that what you will.

The Short: For unbuttoned shirts and short skirts on summer evenings

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