The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of South Melbourne; The Maori Chief
Russell Degnan

117 Moray Street, South Melbourne
(Corner Moray and York Street)

There can't be too many pubs still around with such a keen sense of their own history as the Maori Chief. The three storeys of the pub, surrounded as it is by car parks and modern semi-industrial buildings still awaiting the developers wrecking ball, are as incongruous as the unique name and old-school interiors are in this part of town. A few flat-screen tv screens, and some outdoor tables are the only concessions to modern pub culture; the rest, from the pool table in the front bar, to the pokey corners, extensive wood surfaces and linoleum tables are a reminder of how thoroughly that culture has changed in only a decade.

The meals likewise, do not disappoint, with a traditional offering, and good prices. The burgers looked very good, but I went with the bangers and mash. Plentiful, rich gravy on excellent mash (but can you destroy mash?) and good sausages. The peas could have been better, and indeed, it wouldn't be my first choice for a local meal. But it would be high on the list for an evening drink, especially on a weekend when the other locals attract their more boisterous crowd.

The Short: For traditionalists and quiet ones.

Melbourne Town 18th February, 2014 22:53:44   [#]