The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of Fitzroy; The Gertrude Hotel
Russell Degnan

148 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
(Corner Gertrude and Napier Street)

While the open air front bar with windows opening out to wooden street furniture indicate a recent refit, the Gertrude Hotel has done it pretty well. Lots of high tables and benches - one lining the exterior wall to offer the aforementoned view out - with a more intimate dining area at the back. On tap are a variety of craft beers, whch attracts exactly the clientele you'd expect in the heart of Fitzroy's arts district.

Meals are well priced, at a tad over $20, but not quite standard pub fare, with slightly smaller servings and a slightly classier mix of ingredients. It being cheap parma night we could hardly resist the offer. It wasn't a memorable meal, but nor was it it shoddy, and I'd certainly recommend the pub for a quiet drink, particularly on a nice day when the breeze can filter through.

The Short: For connosieurs of craft beer

Melbourne Town 17th March, 2014 23:56:25   [#]