Pistachio Gianduja Easter Eggs
Russell Degnan

Continuing the gianduja theme* I recently put together a pistachio slice, layered with a chocolate/caramelised pistachio top, and a pistachio paste/white chocolate gianduja. It went over very well - some people really like pistachios - but I thought I'd try something more complex for Easter.

Pistachio Gianduja Easter Eggs

Pistachio Paste

200g Pistachios (peeled, toasted)
50g Sugar

1. Put still warm ingredients in a food processor and grind until oil is released and paste is smooth.

Gianduja eggs

250g Nut paste
150g Sugar
200g White chocolate

1. Add sugar to paste and continue grinding until smooth
2. Melt chocolate and add to food processor, grinding only until mixed so as not to burn chocolate
3. Pour onto marble board and agitate until cooled/tempered
4. Pour onto plastic wrap and put aside to cool
5. When set, pinch off pieces, working together into small round balls, then press into oval shape and set aside.
6. Drive a toothpick into the base of each egg.

Caramelised pistachio bits

100g Pistachios
50g Sugar
5ml Lemon juice

1. Put ingredients in saucepan and heat, stirring, until sugar is partially caramelised.
2. Press flat marble board until cooled.
3. Crush with mortar and pestle into small pieces.


As needed Tempered dark chocolate

1. Working quickly, dip two thirds of each egg in the melted chocolate
2. ... then in the nut mix
3. .. then press toothpick into a cork mat, leaving each egg upright.

I had originally thought I could roll the eggs in a bowl, adding dark chocolate bit by bit until they were all coated. But I had no bowl big enough to get them to roll, nor did I trust that they would neither disintegrate nor coalesce into a single (tasty) pistachio chocolate ball. But nor did I wish to have flat bottomed sides as with a truffle. The upright toothpicks allow the chocolate to drip off the eggs, keeping a rounded shape. Though very little did, and the bigger aesthetic issue was the large-ish pieces of pistachio that made them uneven. I could have dipped the eggs completely in chocolate too, but I thought I'd keep that flash of green.

There are quite a few steps here, and some take some time, but if you are a fan of pistachios they are definitely worth it. The slice mentioned earlier is essentially the same recipe, but with the chocolate and bits used as a base, and the pistachio gianduja slabbed onto the top. It is much faster - no rolling, picking, or dipping - if you aren't looking to create egg shaped objects.

* I also made Grand Marnier flavoured truffles, rolled in cocoa, nuts and candy bits, simple, and not worth posting about.

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