South American Championships with Matt Featherstone; Associate and Affiliate Cricket Podcast
Russell Degnan

In a packed episode, Andrew Nixon (@andrewnixon79) and Russell Degnan (@idlesummers) discuss the recent ICC meeting and speculate on the possible meanings of ambiguous ICC press releases. Andrew interviews Matt Featherstone from Cricket Brazil about the South American Championships, and the challenges growing the game in a populous nation with little coverage. We review the Stan Nagaiah Trophy, won by Malaysia, and preview the European Division 3 T20, the ACC Premier and the East-Asia Pacific Women's T20. There is also news from Hong Kong and (as ever) the USA.

Finally, Russell is urging everyone to get behind the new academic sports-writing site The Allrounder which has a Kick Starter running until the end of the month.

Direct Download Running Time 52min. Music from Martin Solveig, "Big in Japan"

The associate and affiliate cricket podcast is an attempt to expand coverage of associate tournaments by obtaining local knowledge of the relevant nations. If you have or intend to go to a tournament at associate level - men's women's, ICC, unaffiliated - then please get in touch in the comments or by email.

Idle Summers 30th April, 2014 22:39:01   [#]