The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of Fitzroy; The Napier Hotel
Russell Degnan

210 Napier Street, Fitzroy
(Corner Napier and Moor Street)

A pub that barely needs any introduction. The Napier Hotel has retained the cluttered front bar and sprawling eating spaces for as long as I can recall. Photos indicate that the clutter is a steady accumulation of years of history rather than a modern affection, and it is a popular place for both regulars and semi-regulars for a decent meal and interior warmth on classic pub furniture. Upstairs gives way to an art gallery befitting its place in the centre of Fitzroy's gritty - not entirely gentrified heart.

Burgers or roo are the specialties and we had one of each; the later sliced onto a parma in place of ham. That gae the parma a particularly rich taste, though not too filling, which was the concern. In any case, the salad and fries are merely adequate and not to the same standard as the parma itself, so there are options to leave a plate unfinished. That is perhaps unsurprising, given the price is reasonable, and reflective of the Napier's standing as an institution.

The Short: For cold nights and lazy cooks

Melbourne Town 10th May, 2014 16:33:41   [#] 


The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of Fitzroy; The Napier Hotel
My first visit to The Napier was last Wednesday. What a cool pub, I love it! I had the crumbed chicken burger, my friend the Roo. Next time its the Roo for me, it is absolutely delishimo!!
Andrea  27th May, 2014 22:37:25