The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of South Melbourne; The Limerick Arms
Russell Degnan

364 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne
(Corner Clarendon and Park Street)

Until recently, the Limerick Arms was the pub you found on local shop-a-dockets offering two-for-one meals. It made the place seem cheap, an impression enhanced by the basic bistro, pool table, copious tv screens covering multiple sports, and the proximity to the glinting stainless steel and glass frontage of Honey.

It is cheap, but in a good way for meals, being priced well south of $20. The pot pie caught my fancy, of chicken and vegetable with a lot more of the former. The chips were thick and crusty, but perhaps needing a few minutes more, while the salad was oily. The steak my companion ordered was similarly accompanied, and the main of similarly good standard.

The crowd at the Limerick varies from quiet to rowdy depending on the night, but wiith plenty of sport on offer in the next month, it might be worth visiting more often than I do.

The Short: For watching sports and playing pool

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