Passages: Linger - The Cranberries: 0:50
Russell Degnan

On music; greatness is short

Dolores O'Riordan's voice carried Linger from a somewhat over-produced ballad into something magical. The long leads - around two thirds of the total song - and the big chorus obscure my favourite part of the song: the beautiful lyricism of the verses. Almost every line is subtly different, with a quickening rhythm within each section that brings out the emotional toll of a one-sided, poorly communicated break-up.

The Cranberries had many fine, under-rated, songs but only a few recaptured the same style that made Linger great - When You're Gone was probably the best of them, and a better song overall, but even it doesn't quite capture the same heights as those two verses.

Finer Things 30th January, 2018 00:18:10   [#]