Something Wrong with the Planning System?
Russell Degnan

A high-rise - albeit not that high - in Smith St. attracts 1500 objections.

The site for the government's proposed toxic waste dump is moved after more than three years of planning, amidst accusations of secrecy and mismanagement of the process.

The Planning Minister reasserts her right to call in planning applications after Justice Morris, at VCAT, ruled that cases before the tribunal were 'off-limits'.

The onus on noise-management to be placed on new venue operators and residential developers instead of existing venues.

Without question, the system is both complicated and legalistic. The problem being, that the more strain put onto it, the more likely it is the government, and those with appropriate connections, will attempt to circumvent it. By ministerial fiat, by secrecy and deception of intended plans, and eventually - if other bureaucracies are any indication - by ignoring the system altogether and hoping you can get away with it.

It is not irretrievably broken yet - and the last article is a promising sign of a less antagonistic approach - but if cracks in the wall are a sign that your house is about to fall down then maybe we are approaching a time when we need to examine the foundations.

Sterner Matters 29th May, 2004 15:00:56   [#]