On Movement
Russell Degnan

Busy weekend, the one past, as I changed my abode after two and a bit years to North Melbourne from Brunswick. I moved a reasonable amount when I was younger, and especially when I was at university and tripping back and forth from my parents to my Grandma's from semester to holidays. Oddly I rather enjoy it, though I suspect I might be the only one involved in the process who does.

This one wasn't too bad though. One trip to fetch furniture I had in storage and a reed organ I'd purchased that morning. One trip for boxes and things I had and was using. And a short trip or three to grab bits and pieces that didn't fit. Four and a half hours all up. Far short of the record; a mammoth thirteen hours involving a small truck, a small lane, a fourth storey apartment with no lift, assorted detours and more boxes than I ever hope to see again (book buying obsession aside).

The internet isn't up yet, but I'll survive (perhaps).

While I wait, I need to get some shelves, and a powerpoint or ten.

Passing Fancy 6th September, 2004 12:35:52   [#]