Monday Melbourne: XLV, September 2004
Russell Degnan

From the corner of Queen and Bourke Sts. Taken June 2004

Melbourne Town 14th September, 2004 13:44:52   [#] 


Too contrasty
I can see what you're trying to do...but for me this doesn't quite work. It looks like a bad photocopy of a photo. Maybe if you tinted the result a little it might be improved.
Rob  15th September, 2004 15:40:28  

The contrast comes because what I actually did was wipe out everything from the middle band. Hence the white strip. I like the way the different sections are independent from each other. It gives it a strange sort of depth. And while a tint might help 'tis true, this month is greyscale month.
Russ  15th September, 2004 23:56:42  

That part works...
I think my problem is in the large black areas and the lack of shadow detail in them, maybe a bit of selective lightening in those regions, particularly in the bottom left, wouldn't go astray.

And it'd still be grayscale with a tint, just grayscale rotated a little in your colour model :)
Rob  16th September, 2004 12:27:35