On Light Feet
Russell Degnan

And he started up the hill, moving quite rapidly but maming absolutely no sound as he went. Garion floundered along behind him, his feet cracking the dead twigs underfoot embarrassingly until he began catch the secret of it. Silk nodded approvingly once, but said nothing.

I seem to be apologising to people a lot for scaring them. Jumpy housemates, gallery attendants, shopkeepers. "Sorry", I say, "I have quiet feet".

It is all in the walk, I practised a bit when I was younger, but it really came about from the combination of two things. One, being only a light weight in general. And two, an attempt about five years ago to try and curb cramping my my calves by walking on my toes.

That worked actually, although I still get cramps occasionally they are not near as frequent as they were before, but it has meant that I creep around without thinking about it. Moreover, the appearance of a relatively tall, often trench coat wearing young man, right in front, or perhaps beside some people seems to startle them.

So I'd like to put this on the public record:

It is not my fault. Relax a little.

Passing Fancy 16th September, 2004 00:56:04   [#]