Writing about travel
Russell Degnan

Quite recently I booked a ticket to go overseas again, more or less to the same place I went last time, more or less three years after. The timing is because of expendiency rather than any particular fondness for Europe in mid December. The places because I missed stuff last time - actually you always do, but that is perhaps another story.

Discussions of my last trip always seem to revolve around when and where I went. The diary I did for the first two months was similarly constrained, which is why I got terribly bored with it. Once you find a groove the days tend to be much the same. Woke up (probably late by most travellers standards), walked into the city through the modern residential suburbs of [insert famous city name here] saw a church or six, a museum, a lovely urban landscape, took copious numbers of pictures, walked back to the hostel.

But oddly, the places I really liked and remembered when I got back were rarely - though not always - great as places. Rather, it was the places where I met interesting people at assorted hostels and wandered around the cities with, or did something else that was particularly interesting.

To that end the "Days Spent Away" section was designed to put up assorted stories and observations. Since it would be unbecoming to travel again without talking about the last trip I'm going to mix the two together, and hopefully write at least oen thing a we^H^Hmonth.

Lest I be accused of haphazardly jumping through time and space, or of leaving the country without saying anything. No, I haven't, not till mid November.

Days Spent Away 25th September, 2004 23:31:00   [#]