Monday Melbourne: I, Nov 2003
Russell Degnan

It is about time we got some colour onto this page. Therefore, as of today, each Monday someone will post a favourite image of this fine city (let me know, I'll coordinate). Me first.

The Arts Centre and the Yarra River from near Fed Square, Friday 31st October 2003.

Melbourne Town 3rd November, 2003 15:15:02   [#] 


Wow, its been a while
Man, its been a while since i've been in the city before Uni, or at night at all... Since when was it red????
"The Pessimist"  5th November, 2003 21:04:12  

All the colours of the rainbow
Well, you might recall they made it taller and installed a new lighting system when Jeff Kennett was premier. Early 1998 I guess. It has been periodically red, or blue, or green, or whatever, since then. It also has lots of little white lights that move and change. Obviously, they were off when I took the photo.

There has been a couple of changes to that area since then. You should have a look.
Russell  6th November, 2003 10:30:52