Monday Melbourne: L, October 2004
Russell Degnan

Fitzroy Gardens. March 2004

Melbourne Town 19th October, 2004 11:19:59   [#] 


I used to go for lunchtime walks here. It is a wonderful place. Thanks for the memory jog.
BridgeGirl  21st October, 2004 10:35:04  

Dodge and burn..
Shadow detail in the middle of the picture is a problem here...maybe some selective brightening was called for. I'm told that raw-mode is great for fixing that sort of thing.
Rob  21st October, 2004 14:22:22  

But Robert.
That is what it looks like. I don't want the shadows defined (if I did I would sharpen them or up the contrast). The blurry not-quite-there nature reinforces the fact that they are moving, and that the path is only speckled in light.

The washed out sky and the lack of green in the trees on the other hand. They are hard to fix.
Russ  21st October, 2004 17:31:16