Food and the North
Russell Degnan

A Brief Guide to Dutch Cooking

Pulverise ingredients.
For a sweet dish, deep fry in batter and cover in sugar.
For others, fry, and cover in sufficient gravy to make it edible [1].

[1]: Note, this may be a LOT of gravy

Swedish Food Guide

- Julmust - Christmas Cola. Like Cherry Cola and Creamy Soda combined. Horrifically sweet.
- Ko:ttbullar and Lingonsylt - Meatballs with onion in them and a red berry sauce. Served in mushroom sauce sans mushrooms.
- risgrynsgro:t - Rice pudding and milk covered in cinnamon and sugar. The last two are very important to prevent you tasting the rice pudding.
- A:rtsoppa - Pea and Ham soup - Big chunks of ham, no pea pieces. Has mustard added to give a bit of tang.
- Chocolate - 30% cocoa. More body than Cadbury's but slightly sweeter. Not bad.
- Filmjo:lk and a:ppelmos - Sour Milk and Apple Sauce - Sour milk is pretty much what it sounds like. I can't say I'll be rushing to food stores to find it.
- Glo:gg - A christmas drink. Not very alcoholic, and tastes like a mince pie
- Polkagris - Bolied lollies. Apparently very Swedish.

Short Impressions of a Swedish Formal Dinner

- Singing
- Copious Toasts
- Snow, Guys, A Big Circle...
- Beer, Wine, and Spirits...

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Give me sushi...
All sounds terribly wintry. I'll stick with our Asian-influenced summer food... :)
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