I can go home now
Russell Degnan

The primary purpose of this trip was to visit places I didn't get to last time I was in Italy because of time constraints.
The most important of those two places are Mantua and the Dolomites.

Mantua, I know as a typical north Italian city state, strong in arts patronage (Opera was first given a hearing there). Whenever you see Mantua, it is a shot of the castle from across the lake. Hence, one of the most important things I did in Mantua was to find that photo...

The Dolomites are famous from many angles, and many distances. They are probably best in Spring, when the snow lingers on the mountains and the warm sun and longer days are available for walking. But, the impeccably clear skies I was treated to were very nice as well...

Halfway around the world and back for two photos.

Days Spent Away 29th November, 2004 04:37:29   [#] 


Mountain maybe a little underexposed
Bloody pissweak European winter sunlight...
Rob  29th November, 2004 13:33:27  

Blame my laptop
The colours and contrast can be adjusted as you know. The biggest problem is 16k colours on my laptop and a shit screen mean I can't really tell what it looks like. Mind you, it depends on your monitor as well.

If anything it is probably the pollution.
Russ  2nd December, 2004 03:37:01