Bits and Pieces
Russell Degnan

It is not a new story that the Commonwealth Games are being used as an excuse to over-ride, or speed-up local council decision making. But it is a new - and unacceptable - thing for a hotel extension to be approved on the same basis. The overall effect is nothing less than a handout to the owners of the Hilton hotel because they put up a depressing eyesore 30 years ago.

The controversy over the plan to deepen the bay channel continues on its merry way. This article provides a nice background to the bay's history.

And via a few places, two articles, one from Salon, and one from Wired both talking about the advantages of chatic transport planning in reducing accidents, improving traffic flow and the shared urban space. most all of Italy's roads are like this - partly because they have no choice, noone pays attention to signs - and they do and don't work as stated.

The problem are roads that have too much of one type of traffic and effectively block out the alternatives. Melbourne's wide streets and relatively sparse pedestrian population mean that people would be very hard pressed to maintain their presence in the street in such a way as to deter traffic. Interesting idea though.

Sterner Matters 24th December, 2004 01:25:53   [#]