Phantom Limbs - Something For Kate
Russell Degnan

By all accounts the Single is just about dead - at least as an item of sale, not a selling point for an album on radio. The B-side may become the biggest loss from this phenomenen: the quirky track that didn't fit on an album, the obscure cover version, and the live track will need to be downloaded from obscure sites and obsessed fans instead.

Hopefully, collections of B-sides will become more readily available to compensate, particularly if this offering is a good guide. Something for Kate are an awesome band, deserving of more recognition beyond Australian shores, and improving with each new album. As with most good bands, there are a few gems hidden amongst the rocks they've left behind. If you like Something for Kate, you will like this. And if you don't like Something for Kate, what the hell is wrong with you?

Track Highlights:
Truly - A live bootleg, worth the price of the album alone. Would be close to my favourite SfK song.
Ashes to Ashes - A live version, sparse and moody, like all good covers, a fine song in its own right.
Anchorman II and The Green Line is Us, The Red Line is Them - Typical SfK songs: a simple riff building to aching vocals
A Remarkable Lack of Foresight - SfK crossed with Massive Attack. Moody, and brilliant.

Finer Things 22nd January, 2005 17:25:31   [#]