Melbourne`s fickle weather
Russell Degnan

It was not quite four seasons in one day. And to date, it has not been windy, but the last 48 hours have been unusual in all kinds of ways.

On Tuesday 1st, at 2pm, the temperature peaked at 35.5 degrees. About a tenth of February days are over 35, so this is high, but normal.

The change then came through, the temperature dropped, and the rain came. At 9am on the 2nd it reached a low of 11.1 and 27mm had fallen. A substantial amount - the median for February is only 32.1 - but not unusual.

What was unusual was Wednesday. The high of 12.7 at 2pm was the lowest February maximum temperature ever. The rain kept falling; by 10pm, 48.4mm had hit the ground in the previous 13 hours.

And then it got heavy!
By 9am the previous daily rain record of 108.0mm had been smashed. 120.2mm falling between 9am on the 2nd, and 9am on the 3rd. Almost a fifth of the yearly average and median. In 2 days, almost five times the February median rainfall! And more likely today.

The good news is the water catchments received substantial rainfall as well. The bad news is my roof leaks - a little, near the wall, in about 20 spots, bringing the NGV water wall into my home, onto my bookshelf (the books are fine), and across my bed. Alas.

Melbourne Town 3rd February, 2005 11:04:59   [#]