And the Sea Closed Over Us - Snap! Crakk!
Russell Degnan

I bought this album because the cover looked cool. Not great, but hinting at something worth listening to. Snap! Crakk! are an interesting band, with hints of the Mavis's (what ever happened to them) in the attempted harmonies, bass and keyboards, and occasionally New Order, combined with heavier rythyms and syncopation more reminiscent of Tool. However, unlike those bands, they are lacking in a few fundamental qualities.

The first is someone who can sing. Currently he sounds like Marilyn Manson and it doesn't gel with the music. More crucially, with the exception of Do the Death get Dead, their songs lack direction. The easiest way to get this is to have verses and choruses, and maybe a bridge. The themes are great; every song hints at something really cool, but a minute and a half into most of the songs I was getting bored as everything started to sound the same and wondered when they'd end. Talented, yes; interesting, yes; but badly in need of structure and/or direction.

Track Highlights
On Power Off - A solid opening track, with a great beat, but also, typical of the album's weaknesses.
Do the Death Get Dead - By far the best song, and also the simplest, with a great guitar riff running through it, and a danceable beat.
Slash Burn Cut - The rolling six minute finish to the album, that runs through more themes than a classical overture.

Finer Things 19th February, 2005 00:46:04   [#]